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>>KMC Mini Solar Power System

    • Product Type: Solar Power Station
    • Place of origin: Guangzhou China
    • Model No: KMCSM-60
    • Price Terms: FOB, CIF
    • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
    • Package: White Box or Color Box
    • Minimum Order: 100 sets
    • Delivery Time: 45-60 days after deposite
    • Brand Name: KMC

    Products Information

    Application: roof, school, factory, community, wherever sunny areas.

    1 set includes 2 pcs Solar Panel with aluminium frame, 1 Controller, Cable and Stand. Besides, 2 pcs Storage Battery is included.

    The size of the Solar Panel , with aluminium frame, is 124.5cm x 46cm x t3.5cm.
    Each power of the Solar Panel is 30W.
    The maximum power of the Solar Panel is 36v.
    The maximum current of the Solar Panel is 0.86A.
    The open circuit voltage of the Solar Panel is 44v.
    The short circuit current of the Solar Panel is 1.0A.

    The cable between the solar panel and the controller is 3m twisted-pair copper cable.
    The Stand enables the users to adjust the degree of the angle according to the scene. The angle range between the Solar Panel and the flat floor should be 0-60°.

    The Storage Battery is 12v/12AH lead-acid cell.

    The function of this Solar Power Station:
    The Controller could convert the current of the solar panel to charge the storage battery.
    The Solar Power Station is designed to offer a over-charged protection to the storage battery.
    The Output power of the Solar Power Station is at 24v or 12v DC.
    There is a waterproof DC splice at the output end of the Controller.

    The package of the Solar Power System:
    The carton size of solar panel is 135cm x 52cm x 15cm.
    The carton size of the controller and cable is 30cm x 25cm x 28cm.

    The users are supposed to place the Solar Panel in the sunny areas, so that the Storage Battery could be charged by the Solar Power in day. And the controller could output the current to make sure the System could work for 4 hours with the 60W output power, after the whole day charged.

    • KMC Solar Power Station

      KMC Solar Power Station

      Applications: factory, school, house, park, community, power station, etc. Description: The Mini Power Station


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